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Pure Marketing exists to help you focus purely on your business. We are a full service marketing agency dedicated to helping you meet your marketing goals. Our growing team of marketing and media professionals can help your brand or business from a single project to ongoing multifaceted marketing campaigns designed with your brands mission, goals, vision, and values in mind. Every brand has its own voice, and we want to help get your voice heard!

Creative Marketing Agency


Founded by Alex Kirby in January of 2022, Pure Marketing was formed to help brands and businesses share their unique values and voices. Alex began his professional career as a pastor in Chapin, South Carolina, before he started a successful landscaping business which grew to be a debt-free, million dollar business in just five years.


Alex accounts his success as an entrepreneur to God’s provision as well as a good understanding of brand marketing. His success drew the attention of many well-established brands in the industry including brands such as Bobcat Equipment, RedMax, Ballard Products, and more. Alex has coached and mentored multiple small business owners to see some of their businesses growing as much as 1000% in annual revenue. As a result, Alex founded Pure Marketing to help other brands and businesses invest in their business through the concept of Me, Media, and Marketing.


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Xander Kirby


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Logan Ingram

Account Manager


Braydon Steuck

Account Manager

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